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We offer two different software packages: Iris and Falco.

Advantages of our software:

  • very versatile
  • easy to use
  • self-learning
  • multiple sensors can be combined (RGB, hyperspectral, metal detector etc.)



Iris is our real-time capable image processing software.

It can be used for many different industrial applications where real-time responses are crucial: sorting, quality and product control (e.g. on conveyor belts).


  • configurable output interface
  • customers are encouraged to develop their own apps to process the output data stream
  • ready-to-use apps
    • Beacon App: monitors the data transfer, records data
    • Sorting App: converts the object stream into sorting signals and outputs them
    • Customized App: development of apps according to customer specifications



Falco is our non real-time capable image processing software. It analyzes single images or a set of several images.

It is very well suited for laboratory scale purposes like sample analysis. Additionally, with Falco you can generate setups for Iris.


  • possible image sources: loading from hard drive or recording with a connected camera
  • integrated recorder for single images
  • export your results (*.txt, *.csv)




Our systems include not only our software, but also an industrial PC and a broad range of other hardware, depending on our clients needs.


Iris System
  • Iris (real-time capable software) + industrial PC
  • optional: integration


Iris Chemical System
  • Iris (real-time capable software) + hyperspectral software + industrial PC
  • allows chemical assessment of objects
  • optional: integration


  • camera(s)/sensor(s)
  • illumination
  • automation components
  • customized interface